Community Involvement

CommunityDr. Farber helped establish the Manalapan Police Department's first K-9 Police unit in 2000. While the unit was active, Dr. Farber donated his services to maintain the health of the police dogs during their years of active duty and after their retirement. These dogs were a valuable asset to the community and were responsible not only for apprehending criminals, but also for providing aid in finding lost children and dementia patients. As of September 2015, the Manalapan K-9 Police unit has been re-established.

Our hospital is a supporter of the ASPCA of New York, the SPCA of Monmouth County and the Cornell Feline Health Center. Dr. Farber also performs veterinary medical and surgical services free of charge on an individual needs basis for our long-time patients in need.

Dr. Farber also provides tours of the hospital to local community youth growth groups.

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